VPI Prime Signature Turntable Review with Upscale Audio’s Kevin Deal

The VPI Prime Signature has it all! Take a look.


adis charoenpravat says:

stunningly beautiful .

Let There Be Sound! says:

P.S. I spotted another discrepancy when Mr. Deal only mentions the one larger thumb screw by the VTA pillar to be able to adjust VTA “on the fly”. But there is another smaller thumb screw towards the front by the tonearm rest that also needs to be loosened (and then re-tightened when done) to be able to freely raise or lower the VTA.

Just offered as FYI for other’s benefit if they should happen to reference this video for setup help. I know it’s only a “quick & dirty” overview but that still doesn’t mean it should be sloppy or inaccurate.


Ernest Amirian says:

Thanks for the great video, do you have any plans to review VPI Avenger TT? and if so is it possible to compare it with Clearaudio Innovation TT. I’m planning to get a TT from you in coming months but I’m not sure which one. Thanks.

Let There Be Sound! says:

Ok two things…

First, the tonearm cable is *not* Nordost Valhalla. It is the new Nordost “Reference” cable and thus part of the reason the new JMW-10 3DR tonearm is referred to as “Reference”

Two, no, you cannot tell anything special about this tonearm wire (which was wrongly described as Nordost Valhalla) “by looking at it” simply “because it is a braided cable”. Every tonearm wire ever used on these JMW tonearms have always been braided, at least ever since I have been involved with VPI. The original VPI cable, Discovery cable, Valhalla, and the latest Reference have ALL been braided (except for Valhalla since the four strands were silver colored and not the typical red, blue, white & green)

On a minor note, of course we know an HR-X weight won’t “clamp” the record, as well, it is not a clamp but a record weight. But at least Mr. Deal saves it by correctly describing the net effect of “settling the record down”

Other than that cool video!

mattsynth says:

When do you get to the point where the playback equipment cost more and is more technical than the equipment the original record was recorded on?

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