Watch B4 U Buy A Turntable | AT-LP120 USB Review

Looking to buying a new Turntable? Here’s a quick review and tip.


sfbdotcom says:

It’s an affordable turntable that is several steps above the Crossleys of this world and their ilk. I’m not sure about all the ‘features’ although having USB makes it easier to digitise (if that’s what you want to do) your music.

denbydish says:

Where did you get the counter weight? I have the earlier model without the USB facility. I’d use a separate adc for digitisation. I really like this turntable, it sounds very good with a decent cartridge and is great for playing 78s. I use a Stanton 500, with a 3mm stylus for shellac records. No complaints, and so far it’s still going strong, 8 years plus.

David Chen says:

I have one of these turntables that I’m trying to sell.

It served me well for over a year. It looks beautiful. I replaced it with a second hand Technics 1200 MK2 in good condition. I noticed how much of an upgrade the 1200’s is. You can probably upgrade the Audio Technica by doing a few things. The AT LP120 has the worst dampening feet out there. I would walk in my room and cause skips on the records, I’d definitely recommend replacing them ASAP. The tone arm drops like a rock and flies up when lifted. Some of the pro’s are you can have direct line output and it connects to the USB. The motor has nice torque although I never really scratched with it. Things are usually priced appropriatel. At the price range of $250, it’s a great buy. There’s the Pioneer PLX500 which is a slight upgrade in the $600 range. I hate to sound cliche but if you aspire to eventually have a Technics 1200, you should save up and search around for a good second hand one.

PhuckHue2 says:

don’t buy that junk. its a cheap junk turntable

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