What’s Different Between an Entry Level and High End Turntable?

Kurt from Pro-Ject Audio takes us through the differences in a mid-range and high-level turntable. The extra features that bring audiophile features to the highest level of vinyl listeners.

In this video we compare the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon – https://www.project-audio.ca/turntables/debut/ to the 1Xpression Carbon – https://www.project-audio.ca/turntables/classic/


My Email says:

Can you honestly hear a big difference in the sound that is clearly better??

seth Trottier says:

i dont think $600 is entry level for anything buddy

TheWretchedWorld says:

You pay top dollar for that turntable and comes with a glorified 2m red. I own a 2xperiencesb and a turntable like this deserves a better cartridge right out of the box.

Phillip Johnson says:

Based on this vid –> It’s a hipster hobby, no doubt about that!!!

Pixel Spy says:

so pay that much money and you basically get the same thing but its made out of a recycled ikea desk. Neat.

Robert Jakobek says:

What’s the point of all that dumping abilities if you play your favourite tune full volume? When I’m in mood, my neighbours furniture is moving around, don’t mention cartridge on my turntable.

SuperCoastie1 says:

DUMP the Ortofone and gain a better quality Stanton!!

GeorgeCrosley says:

Hey, maybe it’s the needle.

Andris Vasers says:

Kurt, what about tangential Turntables?
In video both are radial, best high end turntables has biotracer and tangential arm that cuts noise about 3dB
and avoids arm skating across vinyl record

Kevin says:

Better off getting the DC Carbon with an acrylic platter. Anyone who would listen to a DC Carbon with an acrylic platter and good mat vs the higher end Pro-Ject offering and tells you they hear a difference is lying…

Dogs And Yoga says:

Can I scratch on it tho?

Rick Sanchezz says:

Price is the difference lol.

Chris W says:

Q: What’s Different Between an Entry Level and High End Turntable?

A: Price

24 HOUR BEATS says:

I’ll just stick to my usb turntable from Wal-Mart…

Susie Que says:

Turn off the background noise, please.

zpolukuchka says:

the “high end player” is mostly exploiting newtons first law as a brute force method of damping (may as well turn up the tracking force up to 8 gram).
opposite approach is something like the WTL symmetrex tone arm,
as it exploits more subtle effects to control a much lighter movement
and avoids much complexity by going back to First principles

romek guzmanski says:

law of music heavier is better

Dan Jan says:

Why did they put music on background? Very annoying

Pauldjreadman says:

I do notice they are both belt drives, which do wear out fast than direct drivers. No matter what the turntables is made from its an expensive paperweight without the belt. I would rather pay abs $1,800 for a direct drive

Claudio Cuevas merino says:

My Cd Player does not have resonance!

swapsplat says:

I’m sorry, $600 is NOT entry level.

Entry level is $100 to $250.
Nobody just getting into the hobby is going to spend $600 on their first turn table.

L B says:

both are hipster shit.

Hector Gonzalez says:

The difference between entry-level, mid-level and hi-end can be explained very simply. In a low-end setup the sound appears to be coming from inside a box, in a mid-level setup the sound appears to be coming from a box, and in a hi-end setup, the box disappears, there is just music. The first time you hear a hi-end setup, it is quite startling, and addictive. And unfortunately, quite expensive. When I was young I had to decide between music and a car, and I went with the music. I have no regrets!

Moonraker Deep says:

what do you get for your money – ripped off :DD that whats you get, its not even direct drive

D. B. DiAngelo says:

I am horrified to find MDF in a turntable of this price point!

Puppies World says:

I made a YouTube video of comparing 2 brand new record players… one being the cheap $100 audiotechnica at lp60 and the other a Project essential III, can’t remember exactly which one, but the ortofon om 5e cartridge I believe. And honestly you could not hear a difference with the 2. It really came down to the phono pre amp, amplifier and speakers also cartridge… installed a 2m red cartridge on an old Technics sl 220 turntable and replaced headshell, belt and that sounds as good as the new project!

Monarch Painting says:

Playing records was certainly a labor of love, but you did get those sleeves with notes, photos, and often the lyrics. I have a UK made Manticore Mantra, glass platter fully suspended and fully manual. Still going strong after 30 years and it does not eat belts, only needed 3. What I will add however regarding the debate about formats, and I do have most of them, is that the quality of the recording is the biggest factor. I have master recordings of dark side of the moon on virgin vinyl and gold cd, apart from the few pops you get from the vinyl there is not much difference.

D. Paul Riderman says:

Actually it’s a disease to buy more and more expensive electronics. If the model can successfully play outstanding cartridges then it is quality turntable. To continue to buy more expensive models in the hope the sound of the same cartridges will sound better, then you have a sickness called audiophile. I interfaced with audiophiles my entire adult life, and they are sad people to believe a $100,000 turntable will sound so superior they must spend the money. Believe it or not there are not that many of them, and when they die they will always believe there was something better out there they could have had.

Jenalgo says:

You reveal only that these things are a rip off. There is nothing there that should cost even a fraction of those prices.

Robert says:

booooring … 🙁

ZEN revenge says:

I own a Project 6.1s .
Is this a high-end or entry level?

Howard Kleger says:

“do you remember when I spoke about..”” is very Canadian derived

cameran Joun says:

Entry level vs high end turntable???NO mention about tone arm damping ,separation from motor and plint nor power supply ! adding electronic speed control can be degrade sound too !even air flow can affect tone arm,cartiage,platter etc….it is not very helpful “highend” comparison from “Canadian expert ” !!!

Miguel Moya says:

MDF is junk don’t listen to this garbage

david elkins says:

Music Hall turntalbes.

goofyfoot2001 says:

First of all this is socialist Canada and free market items are going to cost much more in a communistic country. Second, the cheese has fallen off this guys cracker if he thinks $600, even six hundred of their fake money, is entry level.

El Cock says:

Put a diamond needle on a pile of shit turntable and the hell with it !!!

JAZZ MAN says:

I’m no acoustics expert, but surely if your room isn’t set up to its most optimal acoustic standards, any difference in price or technology will be greatly diminished?

V A says:

get a $100 Sony and you’ll be fine.

Mr Vintage says:

The difference is how chunky it is.

Pyro Surge says:


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